The electronic duo are back with their latest release 'Parasites' and this time they go in a little bit differently compared to previous tracks 'Nukular' and 'Graceless'.  'Parasites' is the third single from the duo and this one dives into the concept of an idea that makes itself at home in your head and refuses to leave.  The duo explore a more catchier and driven side to their sound.  Written, recorded and produced by Fiona Liddell and Niall Rae, mastered by Owen McAllister and the single artwork created by Gannuci Art.

This one takes a deeper electronic approach, the downtempo rhythm sucks you right in from the get go, the kick drum and swelling padded synths all play in a building anticipation.  The dancing synth melodies bounce around the mix and create that dreamy spacious soundscape, the distant and subtle ooh's heard just before the first vocal phrase makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.  The track then moves from that ethereal soaring sound into a deep electronic section, with a pulsing bass line that holds a suspense as it accompanies Fiona's haunting vocals that completely encapsulates the track, captivating you and pulling you in.  As she sings about willingly appeasing an impossibly powerful force, which has you in its grips and you will sacrifice your own happiness in order to keep the peace "slowly your words sway me, obeying you blindly".  There is a calm instilled into the atmosphere yet an unshakable building feeling of tension that lingers, the synths and sampled sounds sprinkled through out bring both a comfort and a restlessness prying itself into your head.  The futuristic sounds, the haunting vocals, the heartfelt lyrics, the gorgeous melodies, the subtly of the sounds and the simplicity truly shows that Gefahrgeist are painting a whole other world through their music and they are bringing you along for the journey.  So jump onboard and get these guys added to your playlists!