Lisette & Tyler (L&T for short) are the musical project of Canadian husband and wife Lisette and Tyler Sasso.  They both share a passion for music and a love for travelling around the world, their music combines both their styles and interests to create a modern day folk pop duo with depth and edge.  Lisette grew up singing country music and loves modern pop, Tyler grew up playing electric guitar and loves classic rock.  Their combination of different genres will leave a lasting impression on anyone who listens.  They recently released their debut EP 'Lost At Sea' which gained over 10,000 streams on Spotify, the 4 track EP was written whilst performing onboard a cruise ship, and the themes throughout the EP speak on love, happiness, mental health and self discovery.  The duo share 4 years of working as cruise ship entertainers and 7 years of performing music together. 

Their 4 track debut EP 'Lost At Sea' is a journey of stunning guitar melodies and beautiful vocals.  The first track 'A Beautiful Day' is definitely a track that brings the sunshine, you can just imagine yourself sitting outside with a slight breeze in the air listening to this song.  The acoustic guitars are delicately delivered, with the finger picked melodies bringing a warmth that wraps itself softly around Lisette's vocals.  When the pace picks up and drums kick in with the stomping beat, there is a resemblance to sound of Mumford & Sons.  There is an uplifting comfort in this track that anyone who listens will instantly feel at home. 'Train of Thought' is an airy acoustic song with only the gentle guitars, shaker and what sounds like a woodblock subtly in the distance keeping the beat, the guitars play softly and melodically, Lisette's vocals are brightly delivered with a glow and a shimmer.  The country/folk sounds are still at the core of this track, however there is hints of Flamenco in the air especially as the song continues, the rhythm gains more depth and we hear a breathtaking guitar solo that brings through a soulful Spanish influenced guitar melody.  Luscious harmonies carry out the remainder of the song and gives a wide and spacious warm vibe.  

'Struggle' switches from the delicate finger picked guitar melodies to strummed slight palm muted guitar chords sitting on the bass line groove and creating a stomping rhythm that gets right inside your head.  The beat continues with the simple stomping beat, gradually adding in a kick drum and percussive elements to really deepen the songs sound.  The track builds as it introduces a rockier vibe to it with an electric guitar solo that lifts the track up from the depths of the stomping bass line. 'I Wonder (Who Am I)' is filled with so much space, creating a mellow airy sound.  The vocal harmonies are so gorgeously positioned and they bring a slight eerie yet calming feeling.  The track is similar to 'Train of Thought' where the guitar accompanies the vocals for most of the song, until the subtle kick drum and percussive elements come in, bringing and intensity that pulls you right in.

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